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Eden: A gratitude garden is the product of a 3 day Adobe MTV Creative Jam. The challenge was to empower individuals to encourage advocacy among their network by sharing and tie this to a cultural or a historic movement. Through the app, we had to provide tools of encouragement like donations, volunteerism and action.

During the pandemic, we are losing the connection with people because of the social stigma with frontline workers, such as: healthcare workers; grocery store clerks; ethnic communities and people who are tested positive by the COVID-19 as well as families or friends of people are infected. Social stigma could result in rejection which harms social relations and causes mental breakdown that is hard to cope especially in this time of social distancing and quarantine.

Our objective of Eden is to reduce this social stigma and maintain the mental health of the affected audience by supporting them using the power of gratitude; inspired by ‘Five Love Languages’; which ensures them that they are loved and appreciated. The flowers of the garden are representative of the world, whereas the users are symbolic to butterflies that make the world bloom by doing good deeds.

Nadiminti Sarvani
Lead of UI/UX

Josephine Hermanto
Lead of Branding & Illustrations

Target Audience
Our research findings revealed that certain racial and ethnic minority groups, including Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and black or African Americans; people who tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered from being sick with COVID-19, or were released from COVID-19 quarantine; Emergency responders or healthcare providers; Other frontline workers, such as grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, or farm and food processing plant workers; People who have disabilities or developmental or behavioral disorders who may have difficulty following recommendations; People who have underlying health conditions that cause a cough and people living in congregate (group) settings, such as people experiencing homelessness are most prone to discrimination and face social stigma and hence are the target audience for the app.

Our branding involved brainstorming the app name. Since the concept of the app revolves around the butterfly our ideas included – Chrysalis, Pupa, Pillars, Flutter, Morpho, Eden and Lourve. We decided on taking the concept on “Eden” ahead as besides its Biblical reference, it represents a garden or abode; a paradise that gives you perfect happiness and bliss. 

Information Hierarchy


Sending & Receiving Gratitude
Through Eden, you can send gratitude through the four ways - Words of affirmation, Gift giving, Acts of service and Warm hug. You can keep a track of the gratitudes you have received and sent in the gratitude tab.

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