Art Direction

Adobe InDesign

Fin. is a profound visual narration ofruins, destruction and death.

Ozymandias, the king of kings, taught us all that power, wealth and our physical forms are temporary. We learnt from his story that sooner or later, either through forces of nature or man-made disasters, everything has to turn to pieces and disappear. We humans do not yet understand this fact and believe in materialism, that physical things hold much value.

However, the irony lies in that despite holding on to these material things, we are accomplices in destructions. We’re responsible for causing environmental damage, and thereby responsible for all the ensuing damage. Nature in itself has defined the end of living creatures through death and disease and we must realise that we cannot escape this harsh reality.

This collection of photographs depicts the philosophy that everything perishes and that the end is inevitable. The theme is to capture various facets of doom that objects in nature meet every day. The story begins with depicting some everyday objects on their last legs. The story progresses to show more dreadful situations that conclude with the depiction of death as the ultimate end, portrayed by a grave.

The image collection is showcased in two mediums, one in the form of a B5 sized saddle stitched publication, printed on 120gsm matte white paper. The other targets the social media, like Instagram stories, and is tailored for audiences with short attention spans.

The photographs used in this project were taken from Unsplash, which were sourced from several places including The New York Public Library, Boston Public Library, Austrian National Library, Museums Victoria and the British Library.

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