Sleep Trip


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It is often believed that the emotional centres of the brain are responsible for triggering dreams, and not the logical regions. This is why many dreams are often strange – and sometimes not connected to reality even one bit. These dreams are sometimes frightening or upsetting and are nothing but our nightmares.

There have been endless nights where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, sweating and screaming out loud. I’ve constantly dreamt of the same dreams over and over, and some, only once. I have always scribbled these experiences before I could forget. All these nightmares have stayed with me, written down in endless pages of my diaries or notes in my phone.

While studying the course of “Experimental Typography” I was presented with the opportunity to pick a theme for an experimental work and I decided to give those archived dreams a voice and a visual form. “Sleep Trip” is the result of the project. It is a collection of 5 surreal journeys that my sub-conscious mind took and left lasting impressions. I have tried to capture the vivid imagery they have produced in my head through typographical experiments done using varied digital and physical techniques.

01/ Sleep Paralysis
A phone ring and a failed effort to get up – an experience of being awake, yet unawake. The questioning of reality and then dozing back to sleep.

02/ Cellmate
Locked in prison for stealing cheese, fruit, and bacon – together we watched the sky full of purple monsters.

03/ Proof
Arrested for a fistfight. What was the proof that I twisted the arm? There was no blood, no bones, only flesh.

04/ Game
Escape, let kids drive cars, blow bombs at the university. Just stay away from jumping dogs, for they will make you march on the street of shame with the other goons.

05/ Mom
On a creepy top bunker – I wake up to yell, “Mom!” Seconds tick away until mom comes near and responds. Does she even have a face?

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